named after BRAGI the son of ODIN

Invoked by a toast of beet blood, on a cold windy night in november 2000...

This society is named after Bragi, the son of Odin and the incarnation of his lyrical aspect.

The purpose of our society is to strive for an increase of cultural events featuring artists who represent musical styles known as Industrial, Darkwave, Apocalyptic Folk and Neofolk.

It is also our aim to present a selection of events featuring artists who represent original ethnic cultures, or artists who have sincere spiritual and countercultural intentions, and strive for other events which has its relevance according to such.

It is the professed aim for Bragagild to bring international artists, as described above, together with new artists and projects in the Íresundregion.

It is furthermore of importance for Bragagild to involve these artists in colloborative activities such as the production of music- and videoeditions, graphical and written expressions, CD-Rom and Web-productions.

The deepest intention for Bragagild is to promote a new international forum, a darkwave forum based in Copenhagen, a new field for salutary values.