Date: Saturday May 14 - 2016, doors open 8PM
Place: UnderWerket, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 Valby, Copenhagen
Entrance: 80DKK
Map: Valgårdsvej 2

A evening of spoken word, live painting and live music

In 2002, the Satanic Apache painter and priest Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba visited Copenhagen. Now he’s back, together with painter Sal Wolfson, to perform a ritual of live painting and spoken word.

Danish industrial project Slagskygge will play a show.

Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba is a ritualistic, shamanistic painter of Mescalero Apache ancestry. His art is equal parts satanic, holistic, radical, political, and extremely personal. Utilizing various media, Leyba creates a celebration of the sacred and profane, where paint mixes with collage, beadwork, and DNA from the artist’s own body.

Since 1989, Steven Leyba has produced 14 handmade books, huge volumes of bound works on canvas. Forms of these have been published by Last Gasp and Coyotel Press in books containing commentary by William S. Burroughs, H.R. Giger, Poppy Z. Brite, Clive Barker, and Genesis P-Orridge. He has been the subject of media attention for his controversial approach and subject matter, and in 2002 a documentary was made about the artist titled ‘Unspeakable: The Life & Art of Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba’.

His works are multi-media explorations into the souls of both individuals and society as a whole. They are liberating, honest, and organic in experience, void of any censorship and defiant against those who would attempt it. Look for his own documentary ‘What is Art? Inside the Mind of the Artist as They Speak the Truth.’

Leyba's artwork has been collected by Vincent Price, William S. Burroughs, Stephen King, Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, H.R. Giger, Cornell University, A.I.M. (American Indian Movement), Genesis P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch, and the Black Panther Party.

When Rev. Leyba last visited Copenhagen, Danish industrial project Unveiled created music for the ritual performed, released on Bragagild as ‘Winter Songs’. Slagskygge, meaning Drop Shadow, is the natural continuation of Unveiled, playing a dark, dub-inspired industrial.

The shadows are dropping hard and thick; you can hate, fuck, dream, and dance to the music of Slagskygge.

Drawing inspiration from minimal dubstep, occult industrial and the sound of broken dreams in black metal, new lines are being drawn. The sound is massive, magickal and sexy; dangerous, ice-cold and beautiful.

The project consists of Danish electronic musician Hansen with various guests. Slagskygge has released one album, ‘The Quiet War, and has made a guest appearance on Danish folk band Kloster’s highly rated ‘Half Dream, Half Epiphany’. Two EP’s are forthcoming.

LCT is a part of the LFORSK collective of musicians, and have existed since 2002 with apperance under severel names, including Løs Forbindelse, Løst F and Ankhnon.

The style is harsch industrial noise and electronic rythm inspired by SPK and Throbbing Gristle. The upcomming concert will be the debut of a vocalist included in the line up, and the style hence added a more old school punk rock attitude.