Date: Friday October 21 - 2016, doors open 8PM
Place: Husets Bio, Rådhustræde 13, 1466 Copenhagen K
Entrance: 60DKK
Map: Rådhustræde 13

A danish neofolk project started by Magnus Westergaard (guitarist of the Copenhagen band The Woken Trees) in spring 2015. The name Dune Messiah was adopted from writer Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel series about the desolate planet Arrakis consisting entirely of sand.

Inspired by early Leonard Cohen, country post punk (such as The Gun Club and 16 Horsepower) and neofolk, Dune Messiah’s sound resonates with the same minimalistic, naked and rough aesthetics of the desert planet from the novel series.

For fans of the acts mentioned as well as fans of King Dude and Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat. Dune Messiah’s haunting first EP was released earlier this year through French label Third Comming Records.


The psychedelic folk solo project of Dave Müller (known from funeral doom band Black Wreath and psychedelic drone collective Chasing Eudaimonia / The Eudaimonia Collective). Here, he plays songs of lost love and hope, distressful desolation, yearning for freedom and the acceptance of solitude; themes not uncommon to the folk genre, but the sometimes hazy vocals and the underlying psychedelic instrumentation give Tidebound a sound of its own. In other words: if Stephen Burch (The Great Park) and Townes Van Zandt went to the funeral of Jason Molina on their honeymoon and Aron was set to play at the wake, Tidebound would still be a psychedelic folk band from Copenhagen.

The melodic nature of the songs and introspective lyrics evoke feelings that range somewhere between melancholy and pessimistic hopefulness, impending doom or joyful reassurance of the possibility of finding salvation in the muddy waters of existence.


Niss Stricker first appeared on the Danish psychedelic folk scene with the release of his first solo album in 2003 entitled "Fuglphoenixfjer". A modern troubadour, his concerts are equal parts storytelling and songs, somewhere between Nick Drake, The Incredible String Band and 70’s Danish folk.

He is active as a musician in and around Copenhagen, playing an assortment of stringed instruments ranging from the indian sitar over guitar to celtic harp. In 2009 Niss Stricker joined the band Lotus Krokus and has toured and recorded with them ever since. 2009 also saw the release of his second solo album "Under Himmelhavet", which was to condense musical ideas of fusing indian soundscapes with a more traditional nordic tone. Niss Stricker occassionally plays with other goups as well, such as The Digitaal Project, Thomas Mannsfeldt, Ulla Lindhart, Aupair Outrair amongst others.

His latest album, “Tinsoldatens rejsesang”, was released in 2014 and showed him, once again, as a unique voice in the Danish music scene.